What Exactly is The Role of a Physical Therapist and My Health in Mount Vernon, Ohio?

A physical therapist is Mount Vernon, OH, is trained to help individuals with various medical problems or health-related conditions, including ones affecting their mobility and/or overall quality of daily life. PTs treat patients of all ages, from newborns to older adults. Physical therapists help patients by putting together a personalized treatment plan to help reduce pain, improve mobility, restore lost functions, and prevent disabilities whenever possible. PTs frequently encourage their patients to take the steps recommended to benefit from a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Assisting Patients in Multiple Ways


Physical therapists in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and other states are trained and licensed. The PT profession, in general, is based on applying scientific and medical knowledge related to:


• Restoration of physical abilities
• Maintenance in terms of building on achievements and moving forward
• The promotion of optimal physical functions

Specifically, PTs strive to improve physical and functional abilities with a broad range of diagnostic and symptom management techniques. They are also focused on quality of life goals that matter most to each patient related to mobility, health and well-being, and other patient-specific needs. At the same time, physical therapists work to prevent the onset and progression of symptoms as much as possible. They also recommend treatments intended to minimize the progression of impairments, limitations, or disabilities that may be related to certain diseases, disorders, conditions, or injuries.

Assuming Important Leadership Roles

Physical therapists are an essential part of a typical health care system. They often assume leadership roles in order to help patients enjoy meaningful results. PTs further play a role in the development of physical therapy standards and health care policies. This is often done as part of an effort to make physical therapy services more available and accessible. Physical therapy is normally covered by private health insurance as well as many public forms of state and federal health insurance.

Examining and Assessing Patients

Physical therapists are clinicians, meaning they do more than recommend exercise routines or lifestyle adjustments. A physical therapist in Mount Vernon, OH, also conducts thorough patient examinations and assessments, a process that often involves:

• Reviewing the patient's medical history
• Conducting a thorough examination and "systems review"
• Performing necessary tests to identify potential issues or determine what's going on with an existing medical problem

Putting Together a Personalized Plan of Care

Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, a physical therapist in Mount Vernon, OH, will offer a prognosis and recommend a plan of care. Based on their best judgments and knowledge of patient-specific information and goals, a physical therapist typically takes the following additional steps when providing care:

• Providing appropriate interventions – e.g., PT-supervised exercises and various therapies and techniques
• Conducting re-examinations and tracking progress
• Modifying interventions as necessary based on how well progress is being made and whether or not goals are being achieved
• Developing and implementing appropriate discharge plans

Lastly, physical therapy is only provided by qualified, licensed physical therapists. PT assistants can provide care as well, if they do so under the supervision of a physical therapist.

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