What some of our valued patients are saying...

"The staff at Swetlic Chiro is so helpful and the treatment that I received was top notch! I can only speak to my experience here, so I'm not sure if other reviewers are expecting miracles to be worked in a single visit , but if you need a chiropractor that knows what they are doing and will go above and beyond, give them a try!"


"Dr Overholt is amazing. He is attentive to needs and listens when you express your concerns. If Dr Overholt does not have a answer to a question you ask, he will do all he can to find one. Although I have never been seen by Dr Swetlic...he is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Dr J the PT doctor is 100% hands down a realist. He will help you but you have to be willing to put in the work to get back in top shape."


"I can not thank Angela CNP and Dr Swetlic enough for offering Allograft from the umbilical cord that contain stem cells in his office. I am a 61 year old carpenter that over the years have worn my knees out the pain has been limiting my ability to walk let alone work at my trade. I have been putting off replacements for several years but was to point I was going to have it done. Then by chance my driver went past Dr Swetlic’s office and I saw the sign about free consults for this procedure. I stopped he was very informative took xrays and exam at no cost. I ended up doing my left knee with the stem cells and within a month I was able to do steps and work in my shop with 70% less pain, plus it didn’t lock or want to give away. So I did my right knee early this month and already so much better. So glade I put off the surgeries and by chance saw his sign. I would advise if have similar problem take advantage of free consult, exam, and X-rays to see if you can be helped. I am doing much better then I ever expected, and am sure you’ll be happy."


"Darrell Snell is an 82 year old farmer whom fell off a horse he was training. The fall resulted in a fractured shoulder blade, several broken ribs and a torn rotator cuff. Darrell’s shoulder was greatly affecting his life. Do to his pain, Darrell was unable to work with his horses, his sleep was very limited was unable to lay in bed, states he would sleep in a chair or standing at times leaning against a wall. Darrell had limited movement of his shoulder. He was prescribed Vicodin for his pain. Darrell was looking for a better option then rotator cuff surgery. He found it with Allograft from the umbilical cord that contain stem cells, and he had the injection into his left shoulder and within several weeks he improved so much he did not require surgery. Darrell states he is sleeping so much better back in his bed, is taking no pain medication and has been able to return to training his horses. So if you or someone you know is suffering with chronic joint pain get in touch with us we do free consults to see if your a candidate. Thanks so much Dr Swetlic."

"The IT is the scar on my chin which is sort of my badge of courage from that evening back in early June of last year when I managed to whack my chin while disconnecting the sway bars between my truck and camper. A trip first to an urgent care where the doctor refused to treat me because the injury was in my face and then to the emergency room where I waited for an hour for treatment, that is an evening I will never forget. I am still grateful to Sandra M. for stopping by that hospital to keep me company.

But the biggest thanks goes to Beckie Swetlic and Jim Swetlic and their unbelievable generosity, I can now say that I barely notice the scar. The treatments done by Angela Schertz nurse practitioner have made all the difference in the scar healing. And while I still have some lingering pain and stiffness in my lower jaw, I am grateful for all they and their staff did to improve my physical condition.
So that will probably be the last selfie I post since I hate pictures of myself."


"I just wanted to write and tell you how much better both my shoulders feel since I had them injected with Allograft from the umbilical cord that contain stem cells in April. I was very limited in my activities in both work and recreation, and the constant pain greatly affected my sleep. My MRI of my shoulders showed injuries to my rotators and was told I needed surgery to both shoulders. I am so happy I heard about Allograft from the umbilical cord that contain stem cells being offered at your office. I am feeling absolutely amazing, I  am back to work full time, doing carpentry work.  This treatment have  been life changing with very little down time. I do carpentry work, and can get very physical at times. I have not having any setbacks at all! I do try to be cautious but in this line of work it's difficult to not over do it.  I am 100% satisfied and would recommend it for anyone."

~Many Thanks, H. Troyer


"I’ve been going here for neck pain and shoulder pain and back pain as well.......been doing physical therapy ...and was a little nervous about trying out dry needle technique....after 3 treatments I felt amazing and after the 4th time doing it ....my neck and shoulder where 100 % pain free and back to normal with better range of motion than I’ve had in years .....I also found out through x rays that my lowest vertebra is pushing into the nerve of my spine ....and again with dry needle ,,chiropractic adjustment ..back stretching ....and physical therapy I am feeling great ......I’ve been to several places in town for back and neck pain.....and this facility hands down is the best and most advanced place that I have been to in over 20 years ......a big thanks to the staff and people at this facility cause now I am able to live a better life without having to be on medication that other places try to push on you, I highly recommend this place to everyone ..you will not be disappointed."


"Dr. Jake and the whole PT department are the best! Thanks for all you guys do appreciate all of you!"


"Only the best in the business. I've been a patient for over 20 years. I've tried others when I had to. And nothing compares to Dr. Swetlic and his staff. Words cannot express how happy I am with the way they treat me. Special thanks to Dr. Flynn and Scott on my last visit. Thank you all. I'll be back."


"Jake Overholt is the best chiropractor in Mount Vernon. I recommend him to everyone I know. He knows exactly how to fix me with minimal information. It always amazes me."


"I have been experiencing severe lower back pain after a night of playing drums. With the help of the staff I am feeling relief. I am really impressed with the entire staff. At 42 I have never been to a chiropractor. It really has helped with a lot of things that I didn't realize was going on. Thank you!"


"I love this place everyone is great that works there. They go out of their way. If you don't walk in smiling, you will go out with a big smile. I give them a 5 or more. I will recommend them to everyone."


"I have been going to Dr. Swetlic for a few years. He's the best. He can get my back in when no one else can. Thanks Jim."


"Very happy with service. All around great experience."