Common Conditions Treated by Physical Therapy

When most people think of physical therapy, the first thing that comes to mind is geriatric treatment or sports injuries. The benefits of physical therapy treatment go much further though, being able to help with a wide variety of conditions. Here are a few of the most common conditions treated by using physical therapy.

Post-operative rehab:

Physical therapy is a necessary post-operative step for patients to return to full function. Weather it’s a total knee replacement or a back fusion, physical therapy with assist in return to daily activities and restore function of the joint. Through use of manual therapy consisting of soft tissue mobilization, passive range of motion, and joint mobilization, patients will regain mobility and reduce pain levels. Post-operative exercises to strengthen and stabilize will help patient return to the activities they enjoy.

Sports Injuries:

Depending on the extent of the injury, physical therapy might play a larger role in the recovery process than others. For something like a sprain or muscle strain, manual therapy and mobility exercises would be used to help improve mobility and build up strength while the injury heals. For something more severe, like a torn ligament or post-surgery leg fracture, physical therapy would initially assist in gait mechanics with assistive device and range of motion, and then progress to strengthening.

Neurological Problems:

Physical therapy can be used to help someone who has a variety of neurological issues. One of the most common neurological diagnosis that require physical therapy is a stroke. Depending on the severity of the stroke, the neural pathways that control motor function might have become damaged. Physical therapy can help retrain the brain to communicate with the muscles to restore functional movement.

Scar Tissue Buildup:

Scar tissue from deep injuries and surgeries can limit mobility, as it isn't as flexible as other types of tissue such as muscle and cartilage. Through scar tissue massage, a physical therapist can help with scar tissue mobility, essentially speeding up the conversion of scar tissue back into regular tissue. While it isn't going to happen overnight, it will help reduce the tension as well as relax the surrounding tissue as well, providing an overall benefit.

Joint Issues:

Joint issues like arthritis and other degenerative tissue disorders can severely limit your range of motion, making movements stiff and painful. Physical therapy can help improve mobility and daily function of patients with joint issues with use of manual therapy, as well as functional exercise. Functional exercise allows the patient to learn proper body mechanics for their daily activities.

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